Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Sermon.....Keep your Dick Happy

            Good morning my friends!   How has your weekend been so far?  How is your beautiful Dick this weekend?  Is he happy?  Did you allow him to do his thing? Did you let him loose? Did you take him to a new place?   
            Over the years that I have been blogging...there is not way to count how many time I have stressed how important it is to keep that wonderful Dick of your happy. ask..."How do I keep him happy?"  That is so easy to must listen to him.  That amazing organ that hangs between your legs, always know what he wants.  We all know that often he wants to do things that maybe you don't agree with.  
            I also know that many of you do not live in an area where guys sexing with guys is not always easy.  I understand that often you need to really need to put yourself out there.   And that means you might be uncomfortable.  You understand that your Dick needs to cum often.  You understand that your Dick needs to be rubbed often. You understand that your Dick needs human touch other than just your own hand.
        Ok, I am sure you get the point of this post.  If you read this blog know that I have no problem keeping Da Dick O'Mine happy.  And just so you should know... William's Blue Haired Twink sat on Da Dick O'Mine late, late last night and made me very, very happy.


  1. today 2 and half hour of orgias. My dick gave me two orgasms! We're so happy but so tired too!

  2. Great advice to any man out there. :) Have fun & live life fully.


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