Saturday, June 27, 2015

The lucious scent of a new guy

                That hot Dick....Those beautiful Balls.....The full Pubic Bush....The tight pink hole....!
 As he walked in my apartment I could smell him.  He had been running, he was dripping with sweat.
His shorts were damp and stuck to his Ass Crack.  He was free balling and there were drips of piss visible.  He walked close and pulled off his tee shirt. My nose was up in his armpits.  The Gin he had earlier was seeping through his pours.  
               His lips were on mine.... he tasted of cigarettes and Gin.  My underpants were on the floor. His shorts were around his ankles. My mouth had taken his Dick and it had the heady taste of sweat & piss & pre cum.  
               We are on the floor.....I feel three fingers up my hole....I slide a condom on his slipery Dick... He is sliding in and dripping sweat from his forehead.  He pumps away until I can hold it any longer.....I cum on my chest....he leans in and licks it come the condom and he shoots deep into my mouth.   I don't swallow...I enjoy the flavor...I grab his head and give him back his cum. He gets up slides on his shorts and leaves.
 .............Such fun with this new guy..... Oh shit..... I keep forgetting to ask his name!!!!


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!