Friday, June 26, 2015

Get Naked today!!!

               Good morning!  Wow!  As I sit here naked with my Balls in my hand, I hear the Supreme Court ruling on Same sex marriage.  It is just amazing!  Not that I would ever consider getting married....for those who wish to... Mazel Tov!   
              It is a wonderful day here on Miami Beach..... beautiful, hot and perfect day to get outside and get naked.  I'm lucky enought to leve near a nude beach.  So I'm taking Da Dick O'Mine out and let him enjoy the sun.   It turns out that my Chubby friend is off today and a friend of his will join us for a long wonderful day of being naked.
           You mightnot have a nude beach near you.... but get outside somewhere where you can  just be  free and naked for the afternoon.   And if you happen to bump into another naked guy....go ahead and take the risk... let him know you want to do some sexing with him.


  1. This makes me so so so happy! :)
    I can not put into words how happy I am right now! Today is an amazing day and we are so lucky to be alive in this era and to witness this! Congrats to all of you in the US.

  2. QH, I did not realize that you live near Haulover Beach. Well, I am assuming that is where you are referring to since you mentioned Miami. I love Haulover Beach!

  3. how lucky you're! You live in a constant source of excitement!

    enjoy my last post:


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