Thursday, June 25, 2015

Da Butt!

             Good morning guys!     Let me tell you a little secret........ Well maybe not a big secret to my regular readers..... I totally love  beautiful and tasty Butts.  Round and smooth or large and furry.  The   hole that is so ready so willing.  A hole that is slightly pink. A hole that is slightly sour yet totally sweet.  A sweaty hole dripping and ready to open and let your happy Dick enter.   
           You all know that I enjoy playing bottom often.... but if the truth be told....sliding Da Dick O'Mine slowly into a hot hole is just total Heaven.  The feel of a good bottom squeezing his muscles around Da Dick.   Holy Fuck!  Holy Orgasm!  Damn, being Gay is wonderful.   
          My Chubby Buddy has one of those butts that knows exactly how to play a perfect bottom.
My good friend Marc can take more Dicks in one afternoon than anyone I know.  My sweet buddy Randy has a Butt Hole that is always tight and fun to push into.  Waiter Guy?  His Buns are so firm you could  set your dinner plate on them.  
        Ok..... I guess I need one of my buddies to bend over and let me in today.


  1. to tell you the truth, I'm so oral, and I prefer slide my dick in a hungry mouth!

  2. Meant to comment sooner....loved the words, and so perfectly illustrated! The #5 twosome is awesome! ...and great finish with that sweet, lubed-up hole!


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