Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Underwear Brunch.

             Hello my horny friends!  I know you are are a guy so therefore  you are horny...right?   I thought so!  And today will be no different.  After such a busy week at work an those late nights getting ready for yesterday's wedding... my Butt and Da Dick O'Mine is itching for sex!!!
            And as it tuens out I have an Underwear Brunch to go to.  This old Fuck Buddy has arranged to gather 8 old friends for this brunch. I know all of them but some of these guys I have not seen in ages.  So it will really be cool to catch up with them.
           I mean what could be better than to get together with long ago friends hanging on a beautiful patio in our underwear.  And I am sure there will be lots of drinks flowing and I intend to make sure that my underwear is down around my ankles.  I intend to reacquaint myself with a couple of these Dicks.  
         And I look forward to introducing Marc to these Dicks and Butts......I know he will have a blast!  I know I have mentioned before how much I enjoy Marc's company..but I also really enjoy watching him enjoy sexing with other guys.  


  1. Love the B&W photos, it's art for me. :) Great taste in men, as usually.

  2. #12 Lucas Ridgeston of Belami!


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