Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday's Underwear Brunch

            Good morning!  I hope you had awonderful weekend.  I hope you made sure that your Dick was happy.  I have said this many many times over the years that I have been doing this blog.....It is so important to keep that very special piece that hangs between your legs happy.
          Well..... I had no problem making Da Dick O'Mine happy that is for sure.  Let me st the stage for you..........  Yesterday morning Marc picked me up in his brand new BMW Convertible. It was a beautiful South Florida morning and off we were for the 2 hour ride with the top down.  Marc had his shirt off and the scent of his underarms was driving me crazy!
         We get to my  friend's house and to my total surprise he looks exactly like he did the last time I saw him almost 8 years ago!  He welcomed us in his teeny tiny bright blue briefs. We left our clothes at the front door and proceeded to the back garden.  Totally secluded by tall trees and bushes, you could tell he really takes cae of his place.  There was a large hot tub in one corner, a bar and a long table all set for this brunch.
       There were 5 other guys there, three my age who I knew from the past and  two younger guys. All in underwear.  We had drinks and those of us who knew eachother caught up.  Brunch was served and many more dirnks were had.
     It was not too long after the food was done that the sex play got going.....oh and did it get going!  I think every one tasted ever one's Dick at some point.  And Butts! And Pubic hair! and Bouncing Balls! And before long there was Cum spilled everywhere.
    There was one of the younger guys who had the most beautiful Dick I had ever seen (and I have seen plenty)  I just had to open my hole and let him deep inside me. He also fucked Marc for a good long time.
   At one point I dozed off for awhile. When I woke up the younger guys were in the hot tub. My friend, the host was sitting next to me rubbing on Da Dick O'Mine.  "I miss that Dick of yours"  and I turned and told him that "your ass tastes just as I rememberd it"
  As it ws gettin dark..Marc & I said our good bys and haded home.
   what a great way to start off my week's vacation!!!


  1. Sounds like a really good time - relaxing, fun, and satisfying!

  2. glad you enjoyed time & sex so much!

  3. Wow, that sounds like an awesome afternoon!

  4. Great party! Love the first image!


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