Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Trashy Saturday.

It was dark and sort of dirty. 
The noise and chatter was down the hall safely in the bar.
I found a spot in the corner and sat with my shirt off and my belly slightly sweaty.
Pants were on the floor, undies by my ankles.
I waited.
A mouth is on my Balls.
A wet finger is in my Hole.
Oh wait...there is a Dick near my face.
His Cum runs down my chin.
Oh, another Dick is in my mouth.
Not a word is spoken.
Not a word is said.
I only hear the grunting of pleasure as another Dick Cums on my face.
It is quiet, the Dicks are gone.
I waited.
My legs are in the air, My Hole streatched open by a very fat one.
I can feel the condom, I can feel the urgent pumping.
I dump a second Cum load on my chest while his Dick keeps going.
He pulls out, his Cum is salty sweet. 
This one is gone.
I waited.
I open my mouth to drink some piss.
I open my mouth to lick that Dick.
I opened my mouth to eat the Cum.
It is quiet again.
I left quite happy.


  1. That picture of Brendan from SeanCody, the 1st one... <3
    He is such a cutie, a very dreamy jock. Think I'm falling in love!

  2. you wrote a true poem!

    happy monGAY and nice week!


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