Saturday, July 11, 2015

Random thoughts

             Good morning my friends!  Thank you for stopping by this morning. And thanks for the emails lately.  I love getting your emails.....but I do not understand why you don't just leave a comment here on the blog.
             Lets see....... Well first off... it is Fucking hot already this morning and my air conditioner decided to stop working! And the repair man is unavailable until Monday!  My Balls are dripping wet! And Da Dick O'Mine is Standing at attention so sweaty that I do not need any spit or lube to jerk on him.
            A new reader asked me how I can justify all the Kinky Sex and random Sexing I do with being a Buddhist.  I see no conflict at all.  I do my stuff with consenting adults and no one is harmed.
             Some one else asked why I post mostly Cut Dicks.  Simple answer....I really do not care for Uncut ones.  But if there was only an Uncut one available.....I would not turn it away.
             I am so puzzeled why so many young guys shave off their Pubic Hair.  I nice trim is fine..but totally shaved...not for me at all.
             Of all the Sexual activities I total favorite is having a warm load of Cum in my mouth.   Have you noticed how different guys have different tasting Cum?  I know it has a lot to do with what they have been eating.  (please don't ever tell any of my Buddies this....but Waiter Guy's Cum always tasts the best)
            Ok........I am taking Da Dick O'Mine outside for the day.  No underwear today, just shorts...let him bounce free as I go for a walk along the beach.  Then he wants to stop at the public restroom and get dirty.  Late this afternoon I am off to a very sleazy bar to sit naked in the back room and enjoy whatever comes along
       I hope you are planning to allow your Dick to do what he needs today!


  1. Hey man, get a cold shower, some Coke with ice & ice-cream...
    Why not? I do it when it's really, really hot. :)

  2. "Of all the Sexual activities I total favorite is having a warm load of Cum in my mouth." the same is for me, but I love also feed my lovers!
    about comments on posts, none can be "perfect", because sometimes all of us don't comment every post of every blogs we follow.


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!