Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Trash

            Good morning!  Ok....... I guess you can tell from the title of today's post what Da Dick O'Mine is thinking.   Yes.......He wants to get into some really Trashy stuff this weekend.    sometimes I don't agree with what he wants me to do. But this time I am all for it!  No vanilla sex this weekend. 
No sweet loving moments. No time for loving words. No need to call a friend.  No reason to not just be real raunchy.   
             So..... I am in the mood for dirty sex.... maybe 2 Dicks up my ass hole.  Maybe some smelly guy to sit on my face.  Maybe a real piss bath.  Or 3 guys Cumming on my face.  yep!  Sound perfect to me.  And I know just the place to go for this kind of evening.  


  1. your weekend looks so interesting

  2. Sounds like you'll be scouting tearooms. Enjoy yourself!

  3. I can't wait for my Sunday full of cum!!!!

    these kisses are also for you, my beloved QH

    happy saturgay & sungay!


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