Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ho to choose a Sexing Buddy

             It is not always easy to choose a good regular Sexing Buddy.  You know what I am talking about I am sure.  If you are only looking for some guy to be your long term monogamous partner.... then read no further.   This post is about finding and enjoying Fuck Buddies.   Those Dicks and Butt Holes you just want to have fun with when you need them.  
           Maybe it is because I was such a Fucking Slutt when I was hanging out in NYC in my youth, but i stilll find the best way to hook up with a possible regular Fuck buddy is not thru the internet.... nope the good old fashioned way.... in a public restroom or in the bushes of a park or the back room of a bar.
          If you taste a guy for the first time that happens to be in one of these places....his Dick is more likely to be open to much more random things than say if you met otherwise.  It is also very helpful if you do not even know his name until you have made sure you enjoy the taste of his Cum.  And my friends, tasting his Cum is always an important sign you might want more.
        When I was new to town here...I met Randy's Dick exctly like that.  We fucked a few times over the next couple of weeks..then he introduced me to his friend Marc and his beautiful butt Hole.  One evening weeks later..Marc & I were having dinner at a lovely outdoor cafe and before the meal was over Marc had tasted Waiter Guy's Cum in the restroom. He later told me how delicious Waiter Guy's Cum was and that I needed to try it.
                         so..that is how my little group of Good Fuck Buddies got started.  


  1. wow what a post. You make it all sound so easy. I sure wish it was that easy for me.

  2. I think most of us are afraid to meet guys that way...not afraid of the men, but afraid of being nabbed by the cops. Yikes!

  3. Thanks for the advice, buddy! Think lots of the gays go through that 'slut' phase, even straights, so yeah... It's just a phase.

  4. delicious beginning you had!


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