Thursday, July 23, 2015

Those Tasty Testicles

             Good morning!   Thanks for dropping your pants and joining me this morning.  Today we need to talk about something very important.  Your Testicles! Those wonderful orbes that hang between your legs.  They are an important part of your total health. So.... without any fanfare or drum roll.... go a head and grab them.  Not just for the fun of it them and really feel them.
That's it... hold them in the palm of your hands and let your finger run over Ball at a time.
Feel anything different....any bumps or lumps that were not there before?   I am sure you know how your Balls usualy feel... and if something just doesnot seem need to see your doctor as soon as possible.
       Now the fun part.... Grab your Dick and go ahead and begin to jerk off.... this is to check and see how long it takes you to get hard.  If it is taking longer than usual...there might be a problem. you are hard..go ahead and finish yourself off.  Feels good right?  Ok... how does your Cum look.  If it looks like it usually does....great! But if it is thinner or watery or you see a little pink....then there could be a problem.
       Oh... go ahead and lick up you Cum.... that is the best part of this self exam.  Remember to do these steps often.  And you can always help out a freind by checking their Balls for them.
     I think I will do exactly that after work....Check out Waiter Guy's massive low hanging Balls!   


  1. What great advice. And the way you describe it was just very cool.

  2. Absolutely good advice: Check the balls, check the boner, check the cum. At least once a month. Having a buddy with you just doubles the enjoyment.

  3. Don't really get the appeal in balls but oh well, each to their own. :)

  4. I prefer my cum checked by a blowjobber


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