Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning my friends!  Ah it is Tuesday...I love doing Tuesday posts.  As always the photos are about to Buddies enjoying each other. Isn't that what a good friend is for?  Only a really good friend will lick your Ass Hole when you need it. Only a really good friend will be glad to suck on your Balls once in a while.  Only a really good friend will take your Dick and suck it dry when you are under the weather.  Only a really good friend will open his Hole for you when you really need a place to stick your Dick.  Only a really good friend will fill your mouth with loads of warm milky Cum. Only a really good friend will bring a friend of his over when you are in need of cheering up. 
           Ah friends!  There truly is something very special about good friends. 


  1. you're so right!

    enjoy my last post:


  2. Some of these pics are really romantic <3

  3. Really good friends are always there for you no matter your need.

  4. When you have a friend like that it sure makes life much nicer.

  5. Great twos...love the hand to cheek (6)!


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