Thursday, August 6, 2015

Butts & Balls for thursday

                Good morning my dear sweet horny readers!  As always I am so grateful for the comments and emails.  Don't forget please ask me any question you might have. Anything at all... about my sex life, or yours.  I always try to answer each of them.  And please let me know if there is anything special you would like me to talk about on the blog.  It seems like over the years I have been doing this blog, I must have covered almost every sexual topic there is.   If not let me know....
               OK.... I'm sitting here not rushing, I do  not need to be to work until noon today.  So what am I doing..... well....While I was searching for photos for today's finger was rubbing on my Hole.   Even if you do not get Fucked, you must admit that fingering your own Hole feels good.  Don't you agree?  I can remember as a kid fingering myself and thinking I was in heaven.  Then when my best buddy at the time did it with his finger..... Yikes! 
              We were both 13 or so and would suck on each other often..... his big brother had showed him how to do it.  When we were both at summer camp one year....I think we sucked every Dick there.  Then ....I know I have told this before here, one fine day he decided it might be fun to stick his Dick in that Hole of mine.  And,,,,, this Slut was born and has never stopped yet. Ha!  I really did not know I was going to post about those memories....


  1. Ah. memories of our younger days... Some of mine are fond, most are not. I choose to concentrate on the good ones...which would include plenty of cock play with buddies.

  2. Was that cock play only with circumcised cocks as is commonplace in the US¨?and those buttholes are enticing; only to be penetrated bu circumcised cocks?Have you experienced ucut cocks, do you feel any pleasure at seeing, handling cocks with foreskins and frenulums? Doyou like to have those up into your asshole? Thanks (a Latin American)

  3. your blog is great! every subject is very well treated!

  4. You have ot answered the questions asked in the second post! Please do! Thanks!


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