Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Back

        Good morning everyone!  Well I am back in town and I gotta say I had such a wonderful time with Max & Marc at their new home.   Truth be told......we did spend a good portion of the time naked and hard!  We drank, we ate, we fucked, we watched movies, we even swapped cum a few times.  We did get dressed one night and went to one of their local bars where I sat and watched the two of them dance like crazy. When we got back to their place I laid on the sofa, my butt in the air and let them take turns pounding my ass.  ........Such fun!
        No one in their new town that they work with or have met...know they are brothers.  They just know the are long time lovers.  They figured they would just keep that to themselves.  I guess we all keep some secrets.  


  1. Sometimes it's best to keep some things to oneself until the knowledge it won't be misunderstood, or that a friend can be trusted with delicate information.

  2. incestuous brothers? great! like Milo & Eliah Peters, porn actor from centre Europe! If I had a gay brother, sure we'd have been lovers!

    WellCUM back and glad you had such/k marvellous time!

    enjoy my last post:


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