Wednesday, August 12, 2015


          He sat in his underwear on my bed crying. 
He turned away and sobbed. His heart was broken. 
His time of joy ended.  
There was nothing to say.....nothing to do. 
 It had been a long winter of regrets. 
 He needed to let go.  He needed to forget. He needed to move on. 
 There was no turning back. 
 What was done, was done. 
 He should have kept quiet. He should have just left it alone.  
 That Dick was delicious.  That Ass was tasty. The Fucking was great. 
 But for what? 
  I held him tight. I kissed his brow. 
 He just kept sobbing.


  1. Sometimes we make mistakes, but it is only later on that we realize it.

  2. There are other attractive butts, other juicy dicks of different sizes, and cut or uncut,belonging to loving persons;you willl find a new love soon!

  3. Wow, I am left speechless. Very emotional post.

  4. Most dicks are cut;I guess that you prefer themtoo uncuts...Awesome sex scenes....but if I met you, the problem is I am uncut;would you enjoy such a hot sexual encounter?....When will "Da Dick" be an uncut one? Anywell these pics and your stories are soooo sexual!

  5. All the dicks I have sucked, all the dicks that penetrated me and mine too are cut, because I live in the US,where cut cocks are everywhere!


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