Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

                    Good morning  my friends!   As always I am so glad to see that you have taken the time to drop by here for a short visit.  Short Visits!  That makes me think a bit.... We all seem to relish those sexual encounters that last for a long time.  You know....like fucking that takes a long time while you roll around with your partner. Holding the Cum for as long as you can, as you enjoy the experience.  I get it.... I also enjoy that type of sexing.
                But..... sometimes there is nothing more thrilling and fun than what I will call a Short Visit.
There are 2 guys I know who totally enjoy Short Visits.   One is a neighbor guy who spends his mornings Sucking on random Dicks as they just drop by  his apartment.  I have taken advantage of his services often.  The other guy loves to get Fucked often and where ever.   This guy spends the early hours of the morning in the sand dunes with his shorts down by his knees and his ass in the air just waiting for any and all Dicks that happen to pass by. I also have taken advantage of this Ass Hole once or twice myself.  
          So, how do you feel about Short Visits.... you know....Hello....Cum.... Good by....?


  1. You know what? Not everyone like it to last long, some people prefer a quickie. :) The shorter - the better.

  2. never had such visits!

    enjoy my last posts:


  3. I have enjoyed a many a quickie. There are times I just want cum.


    1. I don´t like quickies, especially when I am penetrated thos make me nervous because I might get hurt,... do not like anus pain at all!!


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