Monday, August 10, 2015

Sexy weekend!

               Good morning and welcome!!!!  I kinda like the photo of me above... Da Dick is soft because he had a major work out over this weekend and is quite tired!  Yep.. it was on of those weekends that this old Queer loves!   Sun, Sand the ocean and Dicks and asses to have fun with.  My new "friend"...I need to think of a good name for him....met me on the each and we spent almost all day Saturday hanging out there.  We even took a short break from the sun by going into the public restroom and well...... swapping Cum!  
               I took him to meet up with Waiter Guy....who needed to taste this guy's Dick almost as soon as he saw it.  The three of us Flipped and Flopped all over Waiter Guy's apartment. I am not sure which there was more of..... Cum or Vodka.... but it was all good!!!
               Saturday night the new friend came back to my place and stuck his Dick up inside me all evening..... and  he woke up Sunday hard and shoved it in again.   
               so yes.I had a really nice weekend... how about you?


  1. Oh wow, some new adventures? :)
    Good for ya, hot stud!

  2. Unfortunately, my weekend was not nearly as fun as yours was. Can I be a little jealous? LOL!

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I enjoyed my Sunday's orgia: I was swallowed and I swallowed too. It was great! I enjiyed a lot and - blieve me or not - I lost a kg of weight in 2 and half hours of sex! !


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