Sunday, August 9, 2015

How I met Randy

            He walked into my life unescorted. He was sad, he was lonely, he was beautiful!  He was sitting alone on that bench watching the ocean.  No shirt, blue shorts with a massive bulge. Thick legs and a super flat belly. Long stringy dirty blond hair resting on his sunburnt shoulders.
          He did not notice that I was watching him. He was totally in his own world.  A bird swooped down and perched on the bench, this guy did not move. People walked by and he did not look up.  He just kept smoking his cigarette.  His other hand was resting on his crotch, not moving just resting there.  I continued to watch him. 
        After awhile, he got up and walked towards the sand and to the water's edge.... I followed him from a distance.  He walked along the water as his shorts got wet....he kept walking. I continued to follow him.  He turned and walked up the sand and into the public restroom.  I followed him... He looked so sad...I wanted him!   
       The restroom was empty...he is standing at the urinal...his big fat Dick was soft and streaming.  I was at the other end of the room....he turns and said "you've been following me"   He turned and stuffed that Dick back in those shorts and as he walked by me he said "why?"  
     6 years later.... we are still good friends and enjoy each other sexually often.... he has been thru lots of boyfriends and lots of jobs..but one thing.... His Dick has always been ready and often up inside my Ass.  We have Fucked our buddies together and picked up strangers often.... he is such a sweet guy...still sad and lonely and abslolutly beautiful.  

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  1. Sounds like that initial encounter formed quite a friendship. He is fortunate to have you in his life to be a constant when maybe other things are changing. Plus it sounds like the sexing is great!


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