Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dicks, Dicks, Dicks!

             Good morning!  It is all about Hot Dicks....  what is?   Why life of course!  I know there is more to life than Dicks... but sorry, as far as I am concerned....No matter if you are a Bottom or Top or like me like to Flip Fuck..... it is very unlikely that you will have a happy life unless you have a really good Dick or two in it. 
          A Dick that you can count on,  a Dick that tastes good when it is soft. A Dick that fills your mouth. A Dick that is always ready to please. A Dick that gets hard when you touch it. A Dick that will slide inside you and fill you up. A Dick that knows when and where to Cum.  
      And of course your choice of Dicks is totally up to you.  There are so many different sizes to choose from.  So many sizes to try out.  In your quest for a good Dick, only you can tell if it is a right one. 
      And I feel that having more than one Dick to choose from just makes life so much easier.  And for me, it is great to have a Dick I know I enjoy sucking on and another Dick that I know will feel great up my Ass.  Me..I prefer a long thin Cut Dick..  I've played with Uncut ones and they just do nothing for me.  
    Ok....let me and the other readers know what type of Dick you like.


  1. they give us cum is another great reason

  2. Scott said...

    Ah, the kind of cock that really gets my butter churning, it the "medium thickie", cut or uncut, with nice loose fat balls:)


  3. As to me, cut dicks,with small differences looks just the same (the All-American cut dick). But an uncut dick has its own personality,when flaccid or erect;foreskin gives it an air of mystery until thrus erection the purplish soft glans appears not so fast,and foreskin can be somewhat fat and as to its lenghth it leads to variety;those that do not cover the whole glans,to those who cover it entirely , sometimes with overhang,I like to play gently with dick's foreskins of my bfs...always clean, and ..oh my!


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!