Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

                  Good morning my friends!  I can't believe we are in August already!  I want to thank you for dropping by today.  And as usual, I hope you have dropped your pants also.  I need to admit something..... my Butt Hole is quite soar this morning!   Ok.... I will tell what  happened.    
          Yesterday after work I  met Waiter Guy for a Drink and was filling him in on my weekend. So...we are sitting there enjoying the early evening..when this guy comes over and says hello to Waiter Guy.  I get introduced and I can see that he is freeballin'... I mean, I could even see the compete outline of his Dick Head.   He sat down and had a couple of  beers with us.  
        When he got up to use the restroom...I asked Waiter Guy to tell me more about this guy.  Turns out he and Waiter Guy do "play" sometimes.... but Waiter Guy tells me that this guy's Dick is way too big for his Hole.   Hmmmmmm!  I am not a size queen or anything...but a Dick to Big... is always something to wonder about.  
        The guy comes back to the table and Waiter Guy jokes him about his extra large piece.... we all laugh and I pipe up and tell him I want to give it a try.  And he.... well he....yes he said why not?
         So.............. later in the evening I am on my knees bent over and my Butt in the air....My hole is all lubed up and he has a condom on and without and slow stuff.... he slams that Dick deep inside me in one forceful thrust!    Ok.... I have had hundreds of Dicks up my ass over the years....but this one....Shit!  This one was super painful.....I was sure my hole would split.   
      He pumped away for a good half hour before he pulled out and removed the condom and stuck that thing in my mouth and came with what seemed like  a bucked load of Cum.    I am glad I let him Fuck me.... but I doubt I will let him do that again.....!
   My question for you all today is..... Do you talk to  your guy friends about the size of the Dicks you have had?


  1. I can say that before or after a Group guys would talk about some of the escapades between the meetings and how big or small some of the cocks were...

  2. I have had one friend who was my truest confidant. I told details on about every sex partner I had during those days. We are still friends, but he has a partner and moved away, so we don't talk like we did. But I would not have any problem being very descriptive about the size of the cocks that I have had.

  3. I have a friend who is not a sex partner and we do exchanges note on the size of our latest Dicks.

  4. I always enjoy your post and the photos. The first photo today is super hot!
    And yes, I have talked to other guys about some of the dicks I have had.

  5. Love the twos, always. First is certainly great, but so are 3 & 4....love the dick to butt feel! And 5....such a hot rim!

  6. do you know this post is breathtaking? I've a friend with whom I speak of my sex, just to laugh, because he's straight. But he loves my sex stories!

  7. when syudying in the US many years ago at the times swimming was done in the nude and mandatory showers were naked,while taking a shower by chance a naked well-endowed black man begen to look at me intently, Iruturnd the looks,then afterwards we exchanged meaningful words with him in the lockers,I went to his plave with him, w both got naked, we embraced and got full erections,He "threw" me to his bed on my stomach,wide-opened my buttocks and penetrated me slowly but firmly;"to pass thru your anal sphincters where it hurts.Once inside he began to thrust inside me with all energy and I had the sensation his big cock was up my navel! That is how I lost my anal virginity! Awesome!


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