Sunday, August 2, 2015

Underwear weekend in the woods.

             It is hot & muggy as I sit here in my underwear at a rustic table out in the woods in rural South Florida.  It is around 8AM as I write this.  Over on the other side of the porch are two guys one in his boxer briefs the other just naked sipping on fresh coffee.  One of the other guys is lounging in a hammock his Cut Dick standing proud and erect.  
            Inside the house our host is cooking breakfast.  The young "party favor" is setting the long table for our food feast. He looks like he just got up a short time ago. His hair is all tousled his chin is unshaven and his impressive Dick is stuffed in a pair of tiny white Calvins.  
            I have just enough time to give you a short overview of last night...  
     Since none of us knew only our host...we took turns introducing ourselves as we sipped on large glasses of bourbon. And just to make sure everyone was comfortable....the "party favor" guy began going to each of us and pullin gout our Dicks and sucking..... before long we all were hard and jerking off....he was such a good TRICK..that he managed to swallow each and every one of our Cum.  And so it went the rest of the evening.   Sucking, fucking and Cumming.... FUN,FUN,FUN! 
        I am going to close this post by letting you know that the guy in the hammock wants to Fuck me before breakfast........I am ready!

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