Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Butts & Balls for Wednesday

           As he sat on my face I licked away.  Such an Ass.  A little fur covering his super tight hole.
His low hanging Balls kept rubbing my nose.  My tongue was in deep and then he wanted a finger. Maybe two?  Maybe three?  Oh..something fatter?   I'm not ready to slide Da Dick O'Mine in yet...I want to play a little more. is a large fat cucumber!  All oiled and in it goes..... all the way!  He is squealing, he is moaning, he is super happy.  This Surfer Dude is enjoying himself.  Oh no he is gonna Cum!  Hold off boy..not yet....!   I slide over, my mouth is on his Dick...he gives me a lucious large load of his Cum.  The Cucumber still inside that wonderful Ass of his. 

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  1. Well, sounds like you both certainly enjoyed yourselves.


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