Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

          Good evening! or Good morning!  I started this post as usual early tuesday morning with my hard Dick in my hand.  I got the pictures picked out and downloaded.  And then I clicked over to some on line porn to enjoy a morning jerk off when....WHAM! Out went the internet..  I finished my morning Jerk looking at a beautiful Ass photo fellow blogger Luke had sent me of his lucious Butt.
         Afte I came and showered I realized the net and my phone were out..... and the were out until 8PM tonight.  So here are your photos for today....


  1. Terrific set of twos! 5 is a beautiful image...and so sweet!
    Glad to have provided inspiration for a good morning jerk...just hope you were deep inside when you came! LOL! Guess I better get my ass over to your place if I find myself in your neighborhood!


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