Monday, September 14, 2015


               Ok....... We what?  Yeah I knew he has a what?   He like a Dick up his Ass once in awhile, and I help him out.  I have no idea if she knows.  And to tell the truth I don't care.   What goes on between them is not my problem.   Guilty? Why should I be guilty?  I'm not the one cheating.  Are you gonna tell me that if some guy you know comes to you and lets you know he really needs a Dick up his Butt Hole.... you would refuse?  I think not.  


  1. Oh, please...there's no reason for ANYBODY to feel guilty. So a married guy wanted some cock - other than his own - for a change of pace. There's nothing wrong with that. And how does anyone know if he's "cheating" - maybe he's not, maybe his wife knows and doesn't care; maybe she even encourages him.
    Tons of married guys hit spas for a quick hook-up. Yesterday there were so many guys trolling the spa...they go there because it's not a "gay" place, but they get all kinds of eye candy, lots of hand jobs, even a blow job here and there.
    These are the men who don't have the pleasure of a regular J/O bud for whatever reason. Nobody should be dissing them - or the gay guys who help them out in their need of some cock.

  2. no feeling guilty. it's his problem (if it's a problem)!

    my last post:

  3. a collection of yummy cut cocks: but one of them shows a horrible circumcision scar;botched circumcision!


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