Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Who am I?

         We are who we are because we are.
 So..who am I?  
 I'm an older Guy who has spent the majority of his life in search of the truth in sex in my life. 
 I'm a Dick loving Guy who has known the taste of many,many Dicks. 
 I'm a quiet man who keeps his other guy friends happy. 
 I'm a good person who like to get down and dirty. 
I'm a spritual guy who knows that Fucking is the center of a good life.
  I'm a Buddhist, I'm a friend,  I'm an open asshole for most any Dick. 
 I'm the Guy who might be waitng in the public rest room for you. 
 I'm the Guy who will eat your Balls and Cum on your face. 
 I'm the guy who loves other Guys for no reason than the fact that they are Guys.
  I'm the Queer I want to be.  I'm the Queer I was supposed to be. 
 I am truly and totally me.


  1. What an amazing affirmation on your life. I try, but not as totally good as you.
    Thank you so much for your blog. It really kept me going through some tough sexual times.

  2. Perfectly stated. Now, if we could only stop others from attempting to make us live according to who THEY are...

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  4. I enjoy reading your posts. This affirmation is just so spiritual and uplifting.


  5. very nice and interesting yourself description!


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