Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ha! A good deed!

               Good morning my friends!   Thanks for dropping by today.   Also thanks for the emails....yes I am fine...for some odd reason I was just not in the mood to do a post the other day.  It is really amazing to realize how many of you do check out my blog each morning.  
                So, lets see.... things got really messed up the other night..well messed up in a good way.  That new Ass I have been playing with lately decided he needed to try topping.  He is 31 and had never stuck his Dick in another guy's Butt Hole before.   So.... what was I to do?  You guessed it..I was patient and opened my Hole for him.  One of the reasons he never tried topping is because he felt his Dick was just too fat to fit in an Ass.  Yes...I will agree that this beautiful Dick of his is really beer can size fat.  
            My Hole has had all sizes over these many years that I have been sexing.... so this one was no major big deal. So I let him practice.   And practice he did....all evening long.  Normally when I bottom, I like the top to pull out and deposit his Cum in my mouth.  But this time I told him to stay deep inside me as he came, so he could feel what it feels like.  Even though he had a condom on...he really went crazy when he came.  He even had tears in his eyes as he looked at me and came.
          Another good deed done!  Remember.... to help out a friend when ever you are able to.

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