Friday, October 30, 2015

Get out there and do some sexing.....

               Hello my friends!  I hope you are sitting back and rubbing on your dick while you read today's post.  Or at least thinking about doing that.  Nothing better than a good morning jerk off..... well that is unless you are lucky enough for a morning fuck!!
             Busy weekend for this here Old Queer.......Ha! I mostly forget how old I am.  I  just can't believe how often my Sexing Services are asked for.   I truly believe that my years as a teenaged slut just keep returning to my mind.  I started this little blog to hopefully let other aging Queers that Sexing is still out there for you.  
            Case in point......... That Ass from bringing me one of his buddies to meet and to taste.  Waiter Guy wants to go trolling the sleezy bathrooms sometime this weekend.  Randy has a new Dick he has been servicing and told me I needed to taste this guy's Cum.  And...and....and....!
           Da Dick O'Mine is ready....My Butt Hole is ready....How about you?  Get out there and eat some Ass and Dick this weekend.


  1. As long as the dick is capable of getting hard, there's no reason to stop enjoying it.

  2. just waiting for tomorrow sunGAY afternoon!


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