Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Sexing and delicious Cum.

                 Happy Saturday my friends!   What a wonderful lazy morning it has been.  After Fucking that new Ass and his Friend....and drinking way too much Vodka..this old Queer needed a quiet relaxing morning. And I need to get my strength up and ready for this evening.
                I know it is Halloween and there are major costume parties in town, but costumes are not really my thing. That is fine because I am going trolling with Waiter Guy to a couple of sleezy bars and then off to the Sand dunes and do some random Sexing.  If we get there around 4AM..the place is loaded with horny guys looking to get off.  And often there are these so called Str8 guys with their Dicks hanging out and just waiting to Cum in your mouth.
            Ok.... quick question for all of you...... do you enjoy random Cum?  You know... no talking, no names, nothing but just pure sucking and glorious Cum?


  1. Yes, happy happy!! :) And also...
    Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating!

  2. Scott said...

    Oh most definitely yes, and please don't hate me for this guys, but the "straighter" the better. I get off taking the STR8 dudes "nut".. This here "old queen" can't exactly pin-point it, but I guess I get in my mouth what their gf or wifes don't want, and besides it strokes my ego just a bit to. Happy Halloween to all us "cumdumpsters"


  3. happy Halloween also here


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!