Sunday, November 1, 2015

A lesson in having random fun.

             As I'm sitting here at my computer deciding what to post about, I look around the room and see a total mess.  I mean really bad.  The bed sheets are in a knot, the pillows are on the floor. there are used condoms in a small pile next to 2 empty bottles of vodka. There is an empty Pizza Box, a couple of Chinese Carryout containers.   I see a pair of dirty underwear, I see shoes and tee shirts and shorts and jeans all ove the place. There is also one of my very large Dildos next to some Lube.
                           The entire room has that unmistakable scent of recent SEX.
           Curled up on the bare mattress is a lovely furry Ass. Next to him is another guy with a Boner all red and still wet with Cum.  Waiter Guy is in the kitchen making coffee.  And me?  I am happy as a Clam!
            The 2 guys in my bed are 2 "STR8" guys Waiter Guy and I picked up late, late last night.  Or should I say they picked us up?  Not sure really.  We were walking around town, stopping hee and there for a drink and watching all the costumes.  At one very STR8 bar, this drunk guy comes over and askes Waiter Guy if he Sucks Dick.  And before I knew it... we were all on the way around the corner to my apartment.  And you can guess exactly what happened there over the next couple of hours!
           I wonder what these two sleeping guys will remember and how they will react when they finally wake up?

P.S. 11:30AM
        Sleepy eyed and quite confused that furry Ass woke up..looked around the room and said: "WHAT THE FUCK?"  The other one stumbled to the bathroom..still hard with his balls bouncing.
Waiter Guy had left for work and I am watching these "STR8" Guys as I type this.  "Go back to sleep" I old them, "unless you want to Fuck again?"


  1. Great post...LOL funny! Hope those two took you up on your suggestion! loved the ass/jock in #4!

  2. scent of sex!!!! what pleasure!!!!

    loved the sungay of yestergay!!!!

    your faithfull reader Xersex &


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