Monday, November 2, 2015

If you Fuck a STR8 guy.

          It is early Monday morning......My apartment is still a mess!   Saturday night's used condoms are still in a pile on the floor and there are a few new ones!   Holy Fucking Shit!  The place including myself reak of Vodka, sweat and Cum.  You figured it out.... those 2 STR8 guys did not leave yesterday.  They were enjoying hanging out naked all day with me.  
        They Flipped, They Flopped... they Sucked, they Came.... they even both took turns sitting on my dildo.  I think.... these 2 are not STR8 any longer!  I know they were totally Drunk and really high...but damn.... I must say....this old Queer sure enjoyed watching and playing with these 2 Dudes all day long.                


  1. It sounds like these guys have decided to let go of labels and simply enjoy life. That, thankfully, is where I think we are finally headed as a society in this country.

  2. you taught them how much great and how much pleasure cab give sex with men!


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