Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

 How old are you? 
 Why, does it matter?
Not really...just wanted to know.
Well.... Did you like your  Dick in my mouth?  Well....did you like the way I licked your Balls?
Well....did you like how my finger felt inside your butt Hole?
Well....did you like it when my tongue was tasting your armpits?
Well... did you feel good when I bit on your Nipples? 
 Well....did you find the taste of my Balls to your liking?
Well....How did it feel to open your Hole and let me in? 
 Well.... how did it feel as I thrusted deeper? 
 Well....How did it feel as you got super hard as I Fucked and Fucked and Fucked?  
Well...How did it feel as you shot your load in my mouth? 
So..I guess my age does not matter at all.


  1. Nope. Age has no bearing on anything. If you had a good time, that's what counts.

  2. Feeling Good and Having Fun is ageless! Wishing you a great day! Cheers, AOM


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