Wednesday, November 4, 2015

STR8 Dudes smell so good

                Good morning my dear friends!  I am so glad you dropped by today.  I hope you are enjoying your Dicks.   I hope you are letting them do what they want.  And that you are completely happy in your sexuality.
               I finally got my apartment cleaned and back in order.  I'll tell you something...... those 2 STR8 Dudes from over the weekend really left the place a mess.  I even found another used condom in the sofa.   Damn!  We sure did have fun. I talked with Waiter Guy  and he told me he had not had not had that much fun in a very long time.    What is it about Fucking Str8 Dudes that is so enjoyable?  
Ok... one of the things that I find so irristable about Drunk STR8 Dudes....they smell so good! They smell like Sex waiting to happen.   If you don't believe me.... go to a STR8 bar and walk around and just let your nose  do the work.  I guarantee you , you will smelll SEX.   


  1. Wow! I have never heard anyone mention how great straight guys smell. I totally agree with you. Also, thank you for letting us younger guys know that sex does not end when we get older.

  2. Pheromones are strong when they are horny and on the hunt...

  3. You forgot to mention the heady wonderful scent of a str8 guy's delicious balls.

  4. love to taste sweat of my lovers! it's a kind of smell too! so hot!

  5. Another great post...word and images! First shot is awesome!


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