Monday, October 26, 2015

Mish Mosh Monday

His Ass was waiting. His balls were ready. His soul knew it was time.
Lay down and open wide. 
Fingers in. Fingers out. Two fingers...three fingers....
He is ready. He is moist. 
Push it in... a little deeper... deeper still.
Pull out and look down.  Lick the hole.
Re-enter fast and deep. Balls slapping on Ass cheeks.
Ready to Cum
Pull out and look down.
Cum splashed in his mouth.
Ah..lick it all up.


  1. Yes, indeed, you need to listen to your dick! It will tell you many, many things about your well-being.

  2. Just the right kind of set to start the week....especially when acccompanied with your tidbits!
    1 - love the opening shot...and the sweet opening
    5 - great image...and such a sexy ass!
    8 - love the mirror image and those dangling dicks!


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