Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday's Sermon..........Listen to Your Dick

            Good Morning!  Good morning! Good morning!  Lets see.... what to chat about this Sunday?  Well.... I figure that one of the most important things that all of us guys think about is our wonderful and amazing Dick and how we use him.  Or more likely how He uses us.  Yes!  He usese us all the time.  He keeps us thinking about wanting to Cum.... He keeps us thinking about how we are going to find the next sexing partner.... He keeps us wondering if we should Fuck that neighbor.... He keeps getting hard when we really do not want him to.  He keeps dripping pre cum at the wrong time.  He keeps telling us it is OK to have sex with your best friend's partner....He keeps....He happy.
            And do we listen to Him?  Do we let him take over most of our waking hours?
Oh yes.... He does get us in trouble sometimes ......but mostly, He is there hanging between our legs giving us pleasure and giving pleasure to our buddies.  He often pops up and decides he needs to get deep inside a random Butt Hole....!   
           So.... what am I saying here?  Forget what anyone tells you.... just listen to Your Dick... go ahead and do whatever Your dick tells you to do.  There should be NO guilt when it comes to sexing.


  1. Ugh, so many TURN ON'S in this post. :D

  2. Great post - words and images! the "just this and that" annotation!

  3. my dick is really wise, and I always listen to him, especially when he wants to cum on a thirsty mouth!

    happy mongay & new week!!!!


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