Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday with my friend

             Hello my friends!   Ok..... Lazy morning so far.... been laying around and rubbing on a wonderful morning boner!   I love these kind of mornings.   But I am getting ready to head out and have some fun with Chubby Guy at the Tturkish Baths for his birthday. He does not know it but there is that new Sleezy Ass I met that will meet us there and his Butt Hole will be all ready for him in one of the steam rooms.    I think that will be a great gift.  Don't you?    
         Then after the Baths I'm taking him out for A big early dinner and then since he would have been playing Top at the Baths...I will turn him over and Fuck that lovely, lovely furry Butt of his!  


  1. happy sungay with a post you can't not see

  2. You know what you do to me? Hornaaay. XD
    I want one of those last boys in the toilet, please...


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