Friday, October 23, 2015

Ready for the weekend.

            Good morning my friends!  thanks for dropping by for a little bit.   I hope you all are ready for a good sex filled weekend.  Really...what is better than to look forward to a good Dick or Ass over the weekend.   I have a full weekend...... 2 parties for my job... and it turns out it is My Chubby Guy's birthday on Saturday.  So I am thinking of treating him to an afternoon at the Tturkish SPA and Baths.
          I wass surpised to find out he had never been there.  He is just so adorable....I am sure he will be popular with the Bouncing Dicks that walk around the place.  I've watched him as he is being fucked..and he giggles all through it.  I've never in all my years seen a guy really laugh out loud while he is being pounded.  
        Then on Sunday..if the weather stays nice I'm spending it at the Nude beach with that new Ass that I licked on a week or so ago.   
       I hope your plans are made. I hope your Dick is ready for some fun. I hope your Butt is clean and ready to be entered a few times.


  1. Have a great time on Sat - - and I hope the weather holds out for the nude beach. Both locations are a great way to spend some naked time.

  2. you know my every sunGAY plan! enjoy your weekend!

  3. Pics # 3 and #4 are so hot! Quite the inspiring post to have fun this weekend!

  4. A really nice collection of boys, I appreciate the post. :)


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