Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Buddhist Monk

           That furry Butt Hole looked so tempting.... it was slightly damp.  
Those Balls, shaved and smooth and hanging low.....needed to be licked. 
  His scent was strong, his Dick Head was almost red.  
I watched him sleep.....I could hear his breath.....I could not say good by.  
That Butt had come into my life only a short time ago. 
And now he was heading out... gone forever. 
  Back to Asia...back to the Temple...back to a life of prayer.  
 A month of sucking and fucking and sheer bliss. 
 He gave me his soul, he gave me his heart, he gave me so much Cum.
  I truly loved this one.....
None before or since has made my Dick so happy or entered my inner self so completely.
And now, today 10 years later..... he is coming for a seminar. 
 Will he taste the same?  Will he smell the same?  I intend to find out.


  1. I surely hope the visit is wonderful and fullfiling for you both!


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