Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sex party time!!

               Good morning!  Well.... it seems it is time for my great buddy William to have another one of his Rentboi parties.  I got my E-vite yesterday.  His theme this time is "Wet Willies & Whiskey" the attire is " wear something old & skimpy"  These parties are always so much fun!   If you are a new reader here... let me explain.... William hand picks and hires 4 or 5 Rentbois to act as bartenders and playthings for the evening.  He usually keeps his total plans a secret until his guests arrive.  The one thing at is a given.... there will be plenty of food and plenty of drink and more than plenty of Cum!  
            The last party the Rentbois put on an amazing Sex Show and every guest there was hard and dripping!  Even semi shy Aldo had his Dick out and let everyone watch him Cum.  Yep..these are super fun parties!  


  1. Ahhh... Sex parties, known as Orgies in ancient Roman-Greco times. How this ever got a bad rap, I don't not know. For they are a coming together to celebrate all that is beautiful about the body. I know you'll have fun - and I can't wait for the report!

  2. you're going to have a very sex time! love yout love for cum.
    so, don't miss my tribute to cum here


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