Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Sermon.... Super Sexy Sucking

           Hey there!  Are you having a good weekend?   Well..this old Queer had a good time late last night.  I went to that Sleezy Bar and sucked on Dicks.. 4 to be exact.  Each one different and each one so wonderfully tasty.  And they were all willing to let me have their Cum in great Creamy loads.  
         As much as I adore Fucking and as much as I enjoy being a Bottom.... there is just nothing like Sucking on a Dick!  For most of us... it is the first sexual contact we have with another guy when we are teens.  And that feeling of a soft Dick getting hard in your mouth as you lick and lick and suck....just never gets old.  
        There is just somethng so amazing those moments when you know he is ready to let loose.  And if it is a New Dick to your mouth, you just do not know what to expect.  Every guy cums a little different.  Some are slow shooters others just blast that load all at once.  And then....and then.. your mouth is fill and you feel like life is worth it.   If at all possible I always try to  ensure that the Dick is deep in my mouth so I get every single drop of Cum.

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