Friday, October 16, 2015

Trashy thursday

           Good morning my friends!  As always I am so pleased that you have taken the time to drop by.
Well... it is almost the weekend!  And a couple of days full of fun and sex and just plain enjoyment.
I wonder if your Dick is telling you the same thing mine is?   All morning so far Da Dick O'Mine keeps telling me he wants a hot wet place to play.  Now that could be a slurpinmg mouth or a wet tight furry Ass Hole.  I really don't think he will mind which one.  But me... I think both are in order. 
          I was really thinking of heading out alone tonight and crusing thru the sand dunes waiting for some good Butt holes.  But then early this morning my Chubby Friend called.....A new slutty friend he just met invited him over  for sexing tonight and told him to bring a friend.   Of course I said yes!
       So.. I have a new pair of Balls to eat and a new Butt to lick and maybe even a new Dick to slide in my Hole.  And as always I can't wait to taste some new Cum!


  1. Well, we men DO enjoy some variety.

  2. Great set of 'em a lot! 1 & 4 especially!

  3. you too are planning a sox weekend!
    so well done!


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