Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning!  Thanks for stopping by this morning.  So much is going on here at Queer Heaven....I might need to post something this morning and then later tonight.  First off..work is really busy and I get home late and way too tired to do some sexing.  Oh sure....that new Ass was tons of fun and really knew how to play a bottom.   But that was sunday night...and today is tuesday....Shit...Why am I so horney?  It seem like the more Sex I get the more I want.  William's Rentboi party can't get here soon enough.  So.......I am heading over to that Sucking Neighbor for a quick blowjob on my way to work.   


  1. I have been there too in the past. The more sex you get, the more you want. Love it!

  2. that's for sure!

    enjoy my last post:

  3. Such wonderful twos! First, last, 7 and 8....great treat when I get up! ...and the daily update!


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