Friday, November 6, 2015

Buts & Balls for Friday

              Good morning!  Welcome to Queer Heaven.... a state of mind where the Butts & Balls rule. A place you need to be.  It is a mindset where you know that your are Sex worthy. A mindset where you are comfortable with who you are. A deep abiding love of Dicks & Asses.  The place in your being that knows your Dick rules you and you act accordingly.  Never ever take let anyone tell you that you are less than you think you are.  Your Dick is Beautiful.... Your Ass is Beautiful.  NOw get out there and use them the way you know you need to use them.
             Tomorrow evening is William's Rentboi Party. I am totally looking forward to it.  These parties are always the highlight of the season.  And William tells me that this one will be the best ever.  He has hired 4 Rentbois for the entertainment.  He told me when he auditioned each of them, he was blown away by some of the Sexual things they will do alone and with each other.  I can't wait. 


  1. So how does one score an invitation to this party?? LOL!


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