Saturday, November 7, 2015

Friday evening quickie.

         It is a given...there are no secrets here.  Like most men I am horny all the time.  And I have realized that the more Sexing I do the more Sexing I want.  Last night I was talking to a guy while sipping a vodka at a small local bar.  I know him from just being around town.  We had a Sexual encounter a few years ago one time.  As we talked, he told me he had not had any sexual contact in over 3 years.   WTF!!!  3 years!  I did what anyone would do and told him that I was available for what ever he wanted.  "All I really want to do is lick an ass"  I told him that mine was clean and that it would be my pleasure.   We walked into the tiny dirty restroom.  I dropped my pants and my underwear...bent over the toilet and let him do his thing.  He is licking and munching and jerking on his Dick.  I am just enjoying.  I tell him that when he is ready to just shove his Dick in my mouth.  After a short while, that is exactly what he did.  
       This is what I like so much about being never know when you are going to get a great tasty load of Cum.  


  1. can imagine his excitement and the conseguent huge load into your mouth!

  2. I must say, quickies sometimes can be even hotter than the full thing. :D


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