Monday, November 9, 2015

Mish -Mosh Monday

               Good morning my friends!   I hope you rweekend was wonderfuly filled with Sex of any kind.   Let me geing this morning by thank you all for your support and your comments and emails.
OK... down to business..... William's Rentboi Party.   It was with out a doubt one of his best ever!   
         First and foremost...the Rentbois he hired were spectacular!  The cool thing was that they were NOT "beautiful stud muffins"  But rather everyday looking dudes.  But each one had completely beautiful Cut Dicks surrounded by full, full Pubic Bushes and furry Butt Holes. There were 4 of these Hot Sexy Dudes.  Through out the evening they Sucked each other, they Fucked each other, they played with various Sex toys and they made sure that each of us got to taste them.  
        One of them was really amazing!  He actually came 5 times right in a row....spilling his loads in our mouths!   One of them shoved his Dick up my Hole whil another one sat on my face.  My dear friend Waiter Guy got in the act by bening over and letting two of them Fuck him at once.  
       Bu the end of the night...or should I say by early morning I think each and ever guest had their fill of Sex!  Hot time and cool people....Thanks william! 


  1. What an excellent weekend you had! Every men should have an experience like that!

  2. It's even happier now that we've seen those photos you shared. :)

  3. " He actually came 5 times right in a row....spilling his loads in our mouths!"

    I envy HIM!!!!


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