Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday at a sex club.

                  Last month Randy told me about an exclusive Sex Club that he was going to join.  You are allowed to check out the club one time for $160 entrance charge.  Then if you want to obtain a "key" to the club, you pay $400 a year membership and can bring one guest with you.
                 Well.........he joined and now fast forward to last night........I went with him.  First off it is an amazing club...beautiful and modern with a hugh dance floor and 4 or 5 bars I think.  I was quite full of people, but not so packed that you could not move around.  The crowd was of mixed ages and types.  And very loud House Music.
                We each got a drink and then Randy walked me around the place.  Well..there was all types of Sex going on.  We  walked a little more and there were 3 naked guys dancing each with a beautiful hard Dick.  There was one guy on his knees Sucking Cocks. There was a leather guy slapping the bottom of a very young guy,  A crowd of guys watched as he shoved a hugh dildo up another guy;s butt Hole.  
           After my third drink...I realized I had pulled Da Dick O'Mine out of my jeans and was just stroking him as I enjoyed the scene.... Randy had disappeared..... two quite young looking guys danced over to me and tasted my Dick.  "we fuck daddies, are you available?"  
            So..there I found myself in a corner of the Club with my Jeans and Underwear down around my ankles and my old Butt in the air being Fucked by these condom covered young Dicks.  As much as I love plain TOP...being a bottom is always amazing to me.  I almost forgot where I was as I just felt them taking turns.  And these guys were so on point with each other... when they both ad pulled out they jerked on those Dicks and to my utter surprise and delight they Came at the exact time on my face.  
      Later on I found Randy and thanked him  for a wonderful evening after such a busy week at work.

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  1. every sungay afternoon I go in a similar sex club!!!


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