Monday, November 16, 2015

Loving Dicks

             Good morning everyone!   Thank you for stopping by today.   And to the new readers...a hearty welcome.   Thank you all so much for your support and for your emails and comments.  Knowing that you do enjoy my posts means alot to me.    
             To my younger readers.........just remember that you are worthy of any type of sexing you want.  and the more self confidence you have in yourself the more chance you will have in doing those sexual things.  Stop overthinking your sexuality.  Loving Dicks is in your DNA!   There is not much you can do..except to enjoy the gift you were given.  The gift of loving Dicks.   Relish this gift. 
          And as far as your own Dick proud of what you have hanging between your legs. Pull it out it off....walk around naked when ever you can.  If you are in the Gym, or in a lockeroom be proud when you get hard.  Let your best friend have a tase. Let a random guy lick your Balls.  Go ahead and slip a condom on and Fuck and Fuch and Fuck.  Be good to your Dick!  


  1. Cocky post... And, I love it. :)
    No problem, man. All the best!

  2. Excellent advice! Guys should be proud of their cocks - always! Fully hard, limp as it gets, or in proud of it, use it, enjoy it!

  3. Loving Dicks is in your DNA
    so true!


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