Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

           The day we met was the day we met.  
 The day we sat across from each other was the day. 
 The day we said hello was the day it began. 
 The day, that day, that wonderful day. That night. That crazy night.  That wonderful night. 
 The quiet meditation. The quiet heart beating. The quiet sigh.
That moment. That instant.
 That first touch. That first kiss. That first taste. 
 The morning Cum. The afternoon Cum. The evening Cum. 
 Just then,  just like now, two new friends bound forever in this sexual game. 
 Two years past,  five years past, eight years past.
  Sitting in the Temple naked and together once again. 


  1. Beautiful series of pairs...elegant and erotic! Last image is outstanding! I'm Very nice compliment to your morning thoughts.

  2. That's right! You mentioned your friend would be visiting. The lovely memories - may you make more just like those!


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