Saturday, November 28, 2015


         You just never know what is going to happen in this life.  You are just plodding through and just getting yourself to know yourself. You have worked on this for a long time.  And then WHAM!  A Dick comes into your life and it changes everything.  Well... almost everything.  
        Ok.... if you are reading this then you sort of know me pretty well.  I try to be an open book.  You all know I was a super teen slut.... you know that I Fucked for money in my early 20's..... you know my time in the Orient got me centered and into Buddhism.  You know that I am Out, Open and so happy to be a Queer.
         Well.....The other night when I met that guy in the alley and he shoved his Dick up my Butt...My heart stopped.  My entire body felt the pain.  I even felt the joy in my hair!  What The Fuck was going on? 
        He does not have a big Dick....sort of average. He does not have a fat Dick....sort of average. He did not even really Fuck me deep or hard or rough.  Just sort of average.  But Damn it was themost amazing Fuck ever!  Da Dick O'Mine did not even get hard but I came so strong I almost fell over while he was doing his thing as I leaned against the wall.
      Was this something Magical? Was this something Spiritual? Or was this Dick of his my long lost reason for being?  Holy Shit! Who knows!   He is going to do me again tonight...and I shall see.
       Such is life. 


  1. love your words!!!

    happy sungay

    Xersex &

  2. I actually adore Saturday's. My favorite day of the week.
    So, this post comes in really nice! :)


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