Sunday, November 29, 2015


Da Dick...His Dick....Da Dick  
          Well..lets see how shall I write this?  What should I tell you all?  My dear readers you only deserve the total truth.  I think I have done that in the past years of blogging.  So..I will not change anything now.   And for what it is worth the Dick I am going to talk about is sitting right here on the floor as I type this.  I don't ever remember doing a blog post with some naked guy right here talking to me.    So...this will be a little weird to say the least.
           It's that trashy..yes I did say trashy... dude from the alley.  He has been staying here with me for the past few days.  He was totally high on coke when we had our frist encounter.  He was totally a mess when we had our first encounter.  Sloppy, dirty and just plain Fucking Hot!  My brain told me to just pass by him.....but Da Dick O'Mine popped to complete attention when he first asked me for a Fuck.  
          If you read my post the other day, you know that I was not sorry at all.  For some reason I have "fallen in love" with his Dick.  I just can't keep my hands off it. I just can't keep my mouth off it. I just can not let it Fuck me.  This is just so weird!  Really!  An old Queer like me should know better.
A Dick is just a Dick, right?  Well..there is just somethign about this one and what it does that is different.  
        The Dude does not talk much, this Dude does not eat much, this Dude has just been hanging here nude and hard doing nothing much at all when he is not sliding his Dick up deep inside me.  He was as quiet as a church mouse when he showered me with his Piss last night. He was silent when I let him thrust 4 fingers in my hole. He said not a word as he slapped my Ass red.  And when he cums....he makes a long...long laugh!
..........I can tell by the look on his face right this very moment that the Dick of his is ready for another go at my Hole. here I go....       Oh.... I forgot to mention that so far he has given me loads of Cum to savor.   Delicious Cum!  
                                               HAPPY SUNDAY MY FRIENDS!!!


  1. So descriptive about the situation and I love it. Hope your Sunday is filled with more hot sex!

  2. at my sex club I fed a guy with my cum and I have been fed by another guy with such sweet cum. Delicious liquid meal and fantastic afternoon!


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