Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Is it Wednesday?

               Good morning my friends......... Please drop your pants, grab your morning coffee as you read today's post.
                Well.......... that Dude's Dick is still here.  Still here and still sliding in and out of ths old Queer's bottom.   Amazing!  I do not remember ever having a trashy pick up stay this long at my place.  I also don't remember having a Dick that I enjoyed so much.  Really!  It is really weird.....
..........How many Dicks have I had up my butt over my lifetime?  Who knows..maybe 4 or 5 hundred.. But who counts.   Why, oh why is this one so special?  I just can't figure it out.  
            It is not this Dude's personality, that is for sure.  He has been here for almost 5 days and I think he has spoken maybe 10 words the whole time.  The only words he has spoken is when he has just Cum... "HOLY FUCK!"  that is it.  Oh and another quite odd thing...he only will go and take a piss if I am there and hold his Balls for him.
          Hey.... I am not complaining!  I am having the time of my life!   But...when will he talk to me and let me know something about himself a sort of important thing...well.... his name! 



  1. Well, it could be that it's the mystery which keeps your attention. If that is a photo of him at the top (face blurred) well, we can all see why you're mesmerized... But, as long as nothing untoward is going on, enjoy the visit!

  2. don't you know/remember his name? but you for sure remember/know his dick!

    mind that


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